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ViewDolphin Head/New Bight 514-16 2400 - 3400 United States (Dollar) per Week
ViewFreeport/Lucaya 222-5 700 - 750 United States (Dollar) per Week
ViewFreeport/Lucaya 212-5 500 - 650 United States (Dollar) per Week
ViewLubbers Cay near Hope Town 212-6 1100 - 1300 United States (Dollar) per Week
ViewLubbers Quarter 326-7 850 - 1300 United States (Dollar) per Week
ViewNassau336-8 2600 - 3500 United States (Dollar) per Month
ViewNew Bight 22-6 1600 - 2200 United States (Dollar) per Week
ViewRainbow Bay,Eleuthera 214-6 750 - 750 United States (Dollar) per Week
ViewStaniel Cay, Exumas 212-5 2200 - 4000 United States (Dollar) per Week

The Islands of The Bahamas, anything you need and everything you want – Villas, holiday accommodation, Holiday Homes and Vacation properties in Freeport and Nassau


Geography played a crucial role in Bahamian history.  In 1492, Christopher Columbus made his first landfall in the New World on the island of San Salvador in the eastern Bahamas. After observing the shallow sea around the islands, he said "baja mar" (shallow water or sea), and effectively named the area The Bahamas, or The Islands of the Shallow Sea.  Since it was located close to Florida and in a well-traveled shipping channel, the Islands of the Bahamas caught the attention of explorers, settlers, invaders and traders. These people shaped the colorful history of The Bahamas and made the country what it is today.


For every and all travelers, you will be able to find many different types of accommodation all over our island to suit your needs, including villas, holiday accommodation, holiday houses in the Bahamas and including all types of holiday properties in The Bahamas.  With 700 islands sprinkled out over 100,000 sq miles of ocean, The Bahamas offers the largest assortment of vacation spots of any tropical destination. Islands are circled by cays (pronounced “keys”).  Some cays are surrounded by uninhabited rocks. Which island or cay is right for your vacation?   It all depends on what you wish is.  It’s for you to find out.


Here are some interesting facts.  The Bahamas does not have an army.  There are no rivers in The Bahamas.  The Bahamas has the world's third longest barrier reef and 5% of the world's coral can be found in the waters of The Bahamas.  The Bahamas has the clearest waters in the world with visibility of over 200 feet (61 meters). It has been scientifically proven that a specific alga, which requires light to live, is found deeper in The Bahamas than anywhere else on earth. 


If you are looking at staying close to the bright lights and delights of the chic boutiques, fine restaurants, nightclubs and casino, then our villas in Nassau and Freeport are for you.  The islands have a history stretching back more than 400 years.  Let us help you choose the ideal villa in Freeport, holiday accommodation in Nassau, or a holiday house on one of the other islands.  Every island rental property features a picture of the villa, holiday accommodation, holiday houses and holiday property.  The Bahamas, yours to discover……. what are you waiting for?  Vacation here.

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