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View Jaligny sur Besbre315-9 250 - 300 Europe (Euro) per Week
View Perpignan224-6 600 - 800 Europe (Euro) per Week
View Royan711-15 750 - 1000 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
View St. Remy de Provence 448-11 1500 - 3900 Europe (Euro) per Week
View St.Raphael/Frejus 536-10 1700 - 3000 Europe (Euro) per Week
View Tréveneuc324-6 300 - 600 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewAnsouis 112-4 300 - 500 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewAPT 434-8 700 - 1850 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewAvignon 11N/A 200 - 400 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
ViewBarjac 30430 425-8 400 - 1000 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
ViewBoufflers212-5 300 - 400 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
ViewBourg d'Oisans428-10 800 - 1000 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewBrittany212-5 250 - 450 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewDinge 322-6 300 - 400 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewEnter City326-9 350 - 650 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
ViewERQUY111-2 0 - 250 France (Franc) per Week
ViewFeucherolles 33-6 400 - 1100 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewFiganieres 112-3 250 - 750 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewHautefort 316-7 550 - 950 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewHautefort 112-4 350 - 600 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewHyeres 112 350 - 650 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewIvry sur Seine236-7 750 - 950 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewKintzheim76+N/A 0 - 100 Europe (Euro) per Day
ViewLa Réole 212-6 350 - 900 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewLannion 68-12 350 - 1900 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
ViewLassay sur Croisne6410-14 1500 - 2500 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewLe Val 111-3 250 - 600 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewLeran, Ariege, Midi-Pyrenees 3310 2300 - 2300 Europe (Euro) per Week
Viewles arcs4N/A 1000 - 2400 Europe (Euro) per None
ViewLes Issambres326 1100 - 2500 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewLoire Valley 214 300 - 650 Europe (Euro) per Week
Viewmain et loire Chaze henry5512-14 1250 - 2400 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewMeribel 552-10 6000 - 12000 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
ViewMont-Louis 328-10 450 - 1000 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewMontbrun les Bains212-6 650 - 950 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewNice 436-8 1100 - 2600 Europe (Euro) per Week
Viewnice 511-15 5000 - 8500 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewNice 224-6 500 - 600 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewParis 011-2 450 - 450 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewParis 112-3 2000 - 2500 United States (Dollar) per Week
ViewPARIS011-2 400 - 800 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewPezenas 222-6 700 - 1300 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewRoquebrune-sur-argens436-8 1750 - 2350 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewRoscoff 436-8 450 - 1100 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewSaint Malo102 150 - 350 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewSaint Michel le Cloucq224-6 250 - 650 Europe (Euro) per Week
Viewsaint rémy de provence 448-10 1400 - 3800 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewSAINT-CAST, Brittany422-6 700 - 1950 Europe (Euro) per Week
Viewst. bomer les forges329 100 - 150 Great Britain (Pound) per Day
ViewTarn316-8 200 - 350 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
ViewUzes 438 1000 - 1650 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewUzes 438 0 - 0 Europe (Euro) per None
ViewVence 448-10 350 - 400 Europe (Euro) per Day
ViewVence 422-6 1950 - 2000 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewVersailles111-2 400 - 600 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewVillers sur mer001-3 200 - 450 Europe (Euro) per Week

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Holiday Homes in FranceOne of the best ways to get to know France is to visit a local market.  For visitors, all of France can seem like a market -- it's one of those rare countries where every region offers something worthwhile and distinctive. For every and all travelers, you will be able to find many different types of accommodation all over France to suit your needs, including France vacation rental, holiday accommodation France, holiday home in France, gites in France, vacation rental villa in France, maison vacances en France, vacation home rental and self catering in France.   It all depends on what you wish your vacation and destination to be. If you are looking at exploring the French countryside then gites France, gites de France, gites in France, gites en France, gites de France finistere and gites arles France will be your abode away from home. If you are looking at staying close to the bright lights and delights of the chic boutiques, fine restaurants and nightclubs, then France vacation rental, self catering in France, holiday home in France, vacation rental, vacation home rental and maison vacances en France will be your urban oasis.

Holidays in France offer something for just about everyone: museums, cathedrals, food, skiing, palaces, tours, wine, culinary adventures, hiking, mountain climbing, beaches, shopping, nightlife, sidewalk cafes, health spas, carnivals, casinos, festivals, architecture, walled medieval towns, the Alps, coastal scenery, canal trips and French art and culture -- and, of course, Paris, with its monuments, street life and sense of style.

Paris represents the height of fashion, art and food -- its sense of style is so strong it intimidates some visitors, yet the city can also be remarkably comfortable and intimate. The provinces offer their own landscapes and cultures: the glittering crowds of the Cote d'Azur, the elegant chateaus of the Loire Valley, the hospitable vineyards of Bordeaux, the rocky coasts of Brittany, the dramatic slopes of the Alps and the Pyrenees, the charming farms and villages of Provence. The country can satisfy just about any traveler's taste.

Use our directory to find a gites France, gites de France, gites in France, gites en France, gites de France finistere or gites arles France and walk in the same footsteps as the people of Paris, who on July 14, 1789, stormed the Bastille that started the French Revolution. Let us help you choose the ideal France vacation rental, holiday accommodation France, holiday home in France, gites in France, vacation rental villa in France, France vacation home rental, self catering in France or maison vacances en France. Every French rental property features a picture of the France vacation rental and gites in France. Holiday in France - yours to stroll down the Champs Elysee.  Say, Hello Holiday France...............  what are you waiting for?  Vacation here

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